Lab2Market Timeline

Our team has been hard at work to bring a best-in-class program to support researchers and deeptech founders across the nation.

L2M Health - April 2020

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, our team decided to step up to the plate to support researchers and entrepreneurs by building and adaptation of our L2M programming specifically designed to support the healthcare space. We were thrilled to support 20 teams from across the country - with projects ranging from novel drug delivery platforms to COVID-19 detection technologies.

L2M Oceans - September 2020

Given Atlantic Canada’s strong support of the ocean economy, our team has developed L2M programming to support researchers and entrepreneurs working in this space. We are thrilled to welcome 18 teams to the cohort, and be working with them.

L2M Toronto - September 2020

Toronto’s Lab2Market team is supporting an industry agnostic cohort consisting of 18 teams. The cohort's projects reflect this diversity, with technologies focusing on energy optimization, life sciences, clean technologies, digital media and more.

L2M Halifax - November 2020

This is the second cohort from the Halifax team, now shifting to supporting an industry agnostic cohort including 17 teams from 5 Universities across Canada.

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