Take your idea from lab to market.

We back researchers
to help them
validate their idea.

Canada is a breeding ground for great minds, and even better researchers. If you are a researcher that’s interested in entrepreneurship, it’s time to bring your ideas from the lab to the market.

World-class mentors
Researchers supported
Universities supported

What we offer:

01. Hands-on support.

Based on lean methodology, we work with you to help validate your idea’s business potential.

02. Access to best-in-class mentors.

You will have access to founders, industry leaders, service providers (IP agents, lawyers, accountants) and more to help you through the process.

03. $15,000 in funding.

We provide each team with a $15,000 grant to help you get your idea off the ground.

04. Curriculum.

Whether it be learning to pitch or understanding your customers, we will be bringing together experts to share their knowledge and experiences to help you refine your idea.

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