Lab2Market-Health (L2M-H) is a virtual adaptation of Lab2Market (L2M), specifically designed to address the need for ‘path-to-market’ support for researchers solving pressing problems in the healthcare industry.

Over 7 weeks, L2M-H will prepare researchers to navigate the path to market for new health technologies, such as: 

(a) Diagnostics, drugs and therapeutics, as well as medical devices in vaccinology, immunology and infectious diseases; 

(b) Artificial Intelligence (AI) for prediction of infectious diseases and pandemics, new drug discovery and health system responses to pandemics; 

(c Disease surveillance and health system innovation for pandemics and reducing the threat of epidemics through the development and use of innovative tools; and 

(d) Digital and virtual health solutions. 


The program requires a commitment of 25 hours per week. By the end of the program, participants will:

  • Build critical thinking, collaboration, communication, innovation and entrepreneurship skills
  • Define clinical utility before spending millions of dollars
  • Understand their core customers, and the sales and marketing process required for initial clinical sales and downstream commercialization
  • Assess intellectual property and regulatory risk before they design and build
  • Gather data essential to customer partnerships/collaboration before doing the science
  • Identify and understand financial vehicles 
  • Understand their regulatory pathway, and consulting with regulatory authorities
  • Understanding their clinical pathway to market


Deadline for Applicants to Submit Online Application

April 22nd

L2M Notifies Selected Applicants

April 24th

Kick-off Workshop

May 4th – May 6th

Incubation / Customer Discovery Period

May 7th – June 14th

Closing Workshops

June 15th – June 16th

Please note, participants will not receive $15K in funding for L2M-H. Based on needs, teams will receive stipends and potential support for out-of-pocket expenses.

We’re looking for researchers with big ideas who believe their research can solve some of the pressing issues facing the Canadian healthcare system. Together with the direct involvement of their faculty supervisor and the support of mentors, graduate students will go through a program that provides the resources, training and guidance needed to take their innovation from lab to market.


  • Select L2M-H from the drop down menu on the form. 
  • The Mitacs Accelerate package is not required for this program
  • For additional information, please download our info-package here or contact Michael Carew (